Material option

We would like to give you advice: what material and properties of materials are the best to choose, because it is important to give our clients the best quality of our products.

Products design

We also have an opportunity if you do not have any ideas, but you would like to have an unique design product. Our company is ready to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the best idea, furthermore, we will help you to choose an unique, modern or adventures product design based on your individual needs.

Layout and printing press

Our company is offering you a modern printing technology and alternative of layout options. We will make sure our products quality and the best price.

Package construct development

We could also make all kind of size and format packages with the print or without it. Our team is giving some choices of the most important specific things before creating a new package: design, construction or a model. We will offer you all kind of design models. Moreover, we value customer services, time and needs, because it is important to make the best decision.


We offer printing or the other cutting services:

  • Printing products cut by form
  • Package cut of cardboard by form
  • Standart product cutting forms
Clients who will have a unique or individual order, we recommend our help to create an individual cut forms.
Individual cut forms price depends of the form complexity. 
Printing press

Digital printing press services for various measurement orders.

Printing press services for individual orders.

Terrain embossing and lift

To create the unique and unforgettable impression of our products we are using terrain: embossing or lift. This technology allows to create dimensional decorative design elements without paint. Often those technologies used as one of original signs for example: diplomas. Futhermore, embossing is also used for the application of braille and other markings to the blind and partially sighted.


Creasing is a process where special creasing equipment is used to make deformation grooves on thicker paper or cardboard. Creasing allows to not only folding the paper professionally and thoroughly, but also prevents the paper from breaking or deformation at the folding line. Creasing technology can be used for paper and cardboard, but also for plastic.

Special requirements apply to paper ready for creasing: it needs to be thicker than 150 g/m2. Creasing allows folding postcards, double business cards, table cards, calendars, magazine covers, pamphlets, documents, cardboard products and any other packaging. Creasing is suitable for almost all types of print.